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Humans are predominantly visual creatures.

We experience the world around us through our eyes.

If the light in a space is poor, the experience is poor.

Transform your space, from flat and uninspiring, to engaging and dynamic with creative lighting. At DarkSpace we have made it our purpose to “creatively enrich lives.” We are here to help make your lighting goals a reality.


Our experienced team understand the value of effective lighting design; we utilise strategic planning and an in-depth understanding of lighting aesthetics, to produce compelling and creative lighting solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

It is our goal to make your lighting journey exciting and fun. That is why our designers work closely with our electrical installation team to ensure you have a smooth and hassle-free experience, throughout all facets of the project.


Additionally, with over 20 years’ experience in the lighting industry, we have developed a strong network of relationships with distributors and engineers, enabling DarkSpace to provide all your lighting solutions in one place.



Does your home reflect your personality?

Make your house feel like your home with a lighting plan designed to your needs. Unfortunately, with a lot of project homes, to say that lighting design is not factored in, would be a gross understatement, often resulting in homes with lighting that is both lacking in quality and function.

We are here to help make your lighting dreams a reality. Whether you are renovating, planning a new build, or seeking advice on how to improve your current lighting layout, we are here to provide you with expert advice tailored to your budget and design requirements.

Developing a lighting plan early can reduce costs later. It is always cheaper to get it right the first time.



Transform your venue and create atmosphere that you desire.

The term “commercial” is used to describe a vast variety of business types, from restaurants and clubs, private hospitals, and clinics, to shop fronts and warehouses. We pride ourselves in understanding the complexities of light and how it applies to your individual business.

Creative lighting can transform your venue and provide you with the atmosphere that you desire. Whether it is functionality for intricate detailed work, efficiency for large scale operations or an atmosphere that is dynamic, engaging and truly a space your patrons won't want to leave.

We see your success as our success. And our experienced team here at DarkSpace understand the value of effective lighting design; and with over 20 years’ experience in the electrical/lighting industry, we have developed a close network of relationships with suppliers and manufactures, ensuring you get the rights products at the best price.


Lighting design is essentially lighting architecture. Architectural lighting design is about designing the lighting to fit within the constraints of an architecturally designed structure. Good lighting design will not only complement, but also enhance the architecture.

Lighting design and architecture are a complimentary discipline. To achieve a cohesive balance of the two, we focus on creating an environment that is aesthetic, inspiring, and functional. We believe lighting should be utilised to shape and enhance both natural and architectural beauty, and as such, we aim to produce designs that accentuate architectural features through the combination of artificial and natural lighting sources.

Artificial and natural lighting play an equal role in architectural lighting design. We specify each luminaire and fitting individually, based on three essential elements: functionality, aesthetics, and light quality. However, we also design around the belief that artificial lighting should not be used in lieu of a natural lighting source.

We believe natural lighting is an essential aspect of any lighting design and as such, tailor our designs to optimise the use of natural light. With strategic planning, we can avoid the use of artificial lighting and assure a well illuminated space during daylight hours.



Have an idea in mind, but you are not quite sure how to make it happen?

Our consultants are here to help guide you through the process.


We provide lighting design consultancy for new builds and renovations, throughout the residential and commercial sector. We take the time to understand your  unique design requirements to produce compelling lighting designs and layouts that are aesthetic, functional and meet your budget.

We recommend consultations take place in the early stages of the project. Too often lighting design is left too late, and outcomes that would have been easily achievable, are no longer possible or too expensive to retrofit.


In an industry filled with misinformation, it is our goal to arm you with the knowledge and confidence you deserve, to ensure that you receive the right lights for your space.


  In order to produce the results you desire, it is so important to establish a clear understanding of the functional and emotive requirements of your space to produce a suitable design, using the appropriate fixtures.

With extensive years of industry experience, we have developed close relationships with suppliers, which not only ensures that our product knowledge remains current, but also allows us the opportunity to specify quality fittings at exceptional prices.


We provide electrical and lighting layouts for new builds and renovations throughout the residential and commercial sector. We don’t presume to know best. We take the time to understand your requirements and the functionality of each space, to generate plans that reflect your needs.

Our lighting layouts come complete with a luminaire schedule, ensuring the installation process is smooth and hassle free.

Additionally, we work closely with DarkSpace's electrical installation team throughout all facets of the installation process, making us your one-stop solution to all your lighting needs.


Why put yourself through the drama of dealing with multiple companies?

Your satisfaction is our priority. We are all about making your lighting experience smooth, easy and hassle free.


Having a team of inhouse installers ensures that our design team is involved throughout all facets of the installation process.

There is no excuse for your experience to be anything but enjoyable. 

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