Design Consultation

We provide lighting design consultancy for new builds and renovations, throughout the residential and commercial sector.

We take the time to understand our clients unique design requirements to produce compelling lighting
designs and layouts,

Colorful Lamp

Luminar Specification

We specify luminars to suit your unique design requirements and budget.

It is important for the client and the designer to establish a clear understanding of the functional and emotive requirements of the space, in order to produce a suitable design.

Too often lighting design is left too late, and outcomes that would have been easily achievable, are no longer possible or too expensive to retrofit


Electrical Layout

We provide electrical and lighting layouts for new builds and renovations throughout the residential and commercial sector. 

Additionally, we work closely with sister company JTIS Electrical, creating a one stop location for all your lighting requirements and ensuring a smooth and hassle free experience.


Home Automation

We are KNX Certified to specify and install all of your home and building automation requirements.

Through the use of modern technology we are able to achieve functions that not only make life more simple, but add value and functionality to your home. 


A home automation system enables you to control lighting, climate, audio & visual entertainment systems, and appliances. It may also include home security such as access control, intelligent

timers and alarm systems.

To find out more about home automation, why not get in touch?