DarkSpace is a lighting design consultancy that utilises strategic planning and an in-depth understanding of lighting aesthetics, to produce compelling and creative lighting solutions.


With over 18 years experience in the lighting industry, we pride ourselves in understanding the complexities of light and how it impacts our physical, emotional and psychological well being. Utilising this knowledge, we endeavor to produce creative lighting designs that compliment our clients character, while creating environments that are both aesthetic and practical.




Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is the most crucial part of the design process. It is important for the client and the designer to establish a clear understanding of the functional and emotive requirements of the space, in order to produce a suitable design.

Typically, it is preferential for the  initial consultation to take place as early as possible – during the conception and drafting phase. Too often lighting design is left too late, and outcomes that would have been easily achievable, are no longer possible or too expensive to retrofit.

Making Notes

Design Quote

From the information gathered in the initial consultation a design quote is generated. The design quote will detail outcomes and deliverables, as well as timeframes.


Depending on the project, design quotes may include computer isolux modelling, 3D illuminated renders, product specifications, electrical drawings, research material, maintenance and lamp schedules, and written documentation. Design development will commence once  the design quote has been approved and both parties have agreed upon terms and conditions.


Design Development

During the design development stage, the design concept is created. If required,  DarkSpace will conduct further consultations to refine goals and ensure desired outcomes are achieved.


Completion of Design

On completion, deliverables agreed upon, within the design quote, will be made available to the client.



DarkSpace was established on the foundation that lighting should be utilised to shape and enhance both natural and architectural beauty, while creating an environment that is aesthetic, inspiring, and functional.

Sight is our primary sense. Light, not only enables us to see, but connect with the world around us, and as such, has the ability to influence psychological and emotional states. The experience we have in a space can be enriched consciously through effective lighting methodologies, and subconsciously via adaptive and creative luminous aesthetics.


DarkSpace brings together technology, creativity, experience and an understanding of the importance of lighting aesthetics, to create compelling yet practical designs.

We see each lighting design as an opportunity to improve the daily life of the user (be it a workplace, a home owner, a consumer, a patron, a diner, a commuter, or visiting client).

In a world where statutory requirements and standards determine where we invest our expenses, DarkSpace encourages our clients to give further consideration to the use of the lit environment and how it effects its users.




Jacabe Wood

Lighting is a significant part of our everyday life, so why not make all light as beautiful as possible

Jacabe has always been intrigued by the interplay of light and dark and the ability to enhance a space through the use of creative lighting. This interest was further developed while working with architects and interior designers in London. Since his return to Australia, Jacabe has utilised his extensive knowledge and skills to deliver lighting solutions through his own electrical installation business. In addition to his practical experience, in 2015 Jacabe completed a Masters of Lighting at QUT.


In his work, Jacabe combines an in-depth knowledge of the impact of lighting aesthetic with innovative methodologies, computer modelling, and modern technologies to produce compelling lighting designs. Jacabe understands the complexities of light – how it is created, how it interacts with the environment, and how it affects people physically, emotionally, and psychologically.  Jacabe utilises this understanding to produce designs that enhance and enrich environments to provide clients, interior designers and architects with the outcomes they desire.